About us

We are an IT driven company that harnesses the latest cutting edge technologies in order to pride our customers the best user experience in the market.

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We are an international technology and marketing agency based in Goa, India, delivering localised digital campaigns in every part of the world, including Australia, USA, South Africa, Switzerland, India & the UK. We have an unparalleled degree of international focus and experience, which we have been providing for almost a decade.

What makes us an insurance-technology company?

When it comes to user experience & IT in the insurance industry, we see ourselves as industry leaders, who are paving the way for changes and innovation within the space. We are a strongly IT driven company who harness the latest cutting edge technologies in order to provide our customers with the best user experience in the market, from start to finish.

A insurance comparison site that does more than just compare quotes!

Using one of our brands, instead of calling around for insurance will often lead to significant savings, while saving you time and energy. Our specialist comparison sites and products allow us to look at a range of brokers and insurance provides on your behalf, using our strong relationships with the insurance market to find unbeatable deals.