The new standard in insurance. We harness the latest cutting edge technologies in order to bring an innovative and disruptive force into the insurance arena.

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About us

We are an IT driven company that harnesses the latest cutting edge technologies in order to pride our customers the best user experience in the market.

We are an international technology and marketing agency based in Goa, India, delivering localised digital campaigns in every part of the world, including Australia, USA, South Africa, Switzerland, India & the UK. We have an unparalleled degree of international focus and experience, which we have been providing for almost a decade.

Social media marketing

We know the strengths and key features of all the relevant platforms and tools when it comes to our Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

Digital marketing

Our team continuously develop focused campaigns and cross-platform strategies that help us to achieve our business goals and drive growth.


We have experienced, skilled and diligent teams of telephone lead generators. These teams have been providing our group with industry intelligence and & professional knowledgeable first contact point with customers since 2012.

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We will soon be launching our very own ‘WeCompareʼ iPhone and Android app!

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WeCompare provides price comparison, features and cover for Van, Car, Bike, Business, Home, Pet, Life, Utilities, Liability and more!


Our Technology

When it comes to user experience & IT in the insurance industry, we see ourselves as industry leaders, who are paving the way for changes and innovation within the space.

Connecting Customers

We are in the process of creating a revolutionary environment that will allow our customers to compare multiple quotes at once, manage their existing policies, purchase new policies, make claims, submit and download policy documents, as well as accessing live support!


Our new quote journey form

Join over 3 million satisfied customers who have used VanCompare to get quotes for their van insurance. Our industry-leading new quote journey allows you to effortlessly compare van quotes in under three minutes, with the help of revolutionary and unique features such as auto-scroll and our quote fill assistant. Watch our instructional video here.


Compare multiple quotes easily

Once you have effortlessly completed one of our forms, you can browse in detail the different prices, features and options that each insurer has to offer! Once you have decided on the policy you’d like to take, you will be redirected to the given insurers website to finalise the details and make your payment.

All your insurances in one place

COMING SOON: Sign in to our ‘WeCompareʼ management suite that will allow you to manage all your policies in one place, even from third party providers, make claims, upgrade your cover, compare multiple quotes at once & much more.



Easily make upgrades
to your cover


Other sources

Add & manage your insurance
from other providers.

Upgrade your policies and get addons

COMING SOON: You can quickly view, manage and upgrade your cover directly from the WeCompare website or app. To make the payment simple add your debit/credit card, or use a previously saved card and make the payment in a single tap.


Make your claim without hassle

COMING SOON: Should you need to make a claim, you can speak to a member of staff on our live chat service, or simply upload details of your claim, such as photos, a description and your signature, through our simple claims form, and weʼll do the rest!


You can chat with our experts
during work hours


9:00 AM - 7:00 PM


9:00 AM - 2:00 PM

You can chat with our experts
during work hours


9:00 AM - 7:00 PM


9:00 AM - 2:00 PM


At InsureTec we know that our team is our most important asset. We are passionate about what we do and working for us is challenging, fast paced and rewarding. As a big player in multiple market spaces, we can offer great. opportunities to individuals who want to work in a dynamic, progressive company. To apply for a position with us at InsureTec, Apply via our Contact us form.

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COMING SOON - Employee Login to real time sales data tracking, reporting and statistics.

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